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25 Reasons You Should Date a Canadian, Eh

Jul 1 2016 - 10:20am

Happy Canada Day! In honor of our Northern neighbor's holiday today, I put together a case for dating Canadians — a topic near and dear to my heart as I'm actually married to one. That said, I'm making some generalities here that are specific to my Canucks-loving spouse and may not apply to all significant others hailing from the country. But incorporating personal experience with famous examples — thank you Ryan Gosling [1], Robin Scherbatsky, Scott Speedman [2], and the one and only William Shatner, to name a few — I've put together 25 reasons you should head north for love.

They really only care about one sport: hockey.

So you don't have to deal with sports on TV 24/7, 365 days a year.

They look really cute in flannel.

A fabric they wear for practicality.

Source: MTV [3]

You never have to be self-conscious about being pasty white year-round.

No tan, no problem.

They don't obsess over appearances.

Hey, if you're attracted to hockey players without teeth, you're not superficial.

They’re quiet and mysterious.

They keep you guessing.

They enjoy the outdoors.

Source: eOne Films [4]

They're always polite and friendly.

Even when they try to be mean, they're not really.

They're confident without being a d*ck about it.

Source: MTV [5]

They have adorable accents.

Source: Random House [6]

They're, like, really nice. Like, carrying puppies on an ice rink nice.

They're cool and collected under pressure.

They WORK that beard (playoff or otherwise).

Source: eOne Films [7]

They're healthy and take care of their bodies.

Exhibit A: Canadian Ryan Reynolds [8].

They’re interested in global issues.

Source: Comedy Central [9]

Their musical taste is diverse because they'll listen to any and all Canadian singers.

Including but not limited to Avril Lavigne [10], Shania Twain, Leonard Cohen, Nickelback, Arcade Fire, Neil Young, etc.

They have an extensive sweater collection you can borrow from.

They support women's issues.

Source: Comedy Central [11]

They're not as uptight or stressed as Americans.

They can make fun of themselves and their Canadian-ness.

They love Canada but appreciate America, too.

They're socially conscious.

Source: Comedy Central [12]

You get to celebrate even more holidays with them.

Like Boxing Day, Canada Day, and Canadian Thanksgiving.

They're more tolerant.

Which is a major turn on.

They appreciate a good doughnut.

Tim Hortons for the win!

And in conclusion: Ryan Gosling.

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