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Women Better Than Men at Detecting Body Odor

Women More Sensitive to Stinkiness Than Men

Well, I could have told you that based on purely anecdotal evidence (i.e., growing up with a teenage brother), but now I've got the scientists to back me up. According to a new study out of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, women are far more adept than men at cutting through fancy colognes to detect a dude's scent.

Apparently, men and women are equally skilled at detecting stink, but women aren't as easily fooled by cover-ups:

Underarm odors alone smelled equally strong to women and men. But when fragrances were introduced, only two of 32 fragrances blocked underarm odor when women were doing the sniffing, compared with 19 fragrances that blocked the odor for men.

The scientists surmise that women are better at detecting "biologically relevant" information — perhaps whether he's in the mood or sweating out pheromones. So does that mean BO can help you pick a sig-o?


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