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Women's Common Complaint: I'm Too Tired to Do It

Women's Common Complaint: I'm Too Tired to Do It

Having sex is a great way to relieve stress and express your love for someone. The problem is, sometimes we can feel too tired at night for an hour-long romp in the sheets. We get up early, work eight or more hours a day, run errands, make dinner, do the dishes, and by the end of it all, we're exhausted. We've got sleep on the mind, not sex.

Here are some tips that may help:

  • Don't get hung up on both of you having orgasms. Remember that sex is about intimacy and closeness. So spend some time making out and loving each other, and don't worry about necessarily having sex.
  • If you do want to have sex, get into bed earlier. That way you'll have enough energy to make love and you'll be finished just in time for bedtime.
  • Exercise during the day. It improves your stamina and also gives you energy for fun things at the end of your day.

Want to see the rest? Then

  • Have sex in the morning, during the day, or right after work. Who says you have wait until the evening to get it on?
  • Take turns pleasing each other. Since it can take women a lot longer to orgasm, alternate who gets to climax. Maybe tonight you focus on getting your man to have an orgasm, and the next time, it's all about you. Then when it's your turn, you'll get to relax and just enjoy the sensations without having to do a thing.
  • If you do like to have sex before you hit the hay, make sure you eat dinner at least two hours before, and make it a light meal. If you stuff yourself late and then go to bed, you'll feel sluggish and not at all in the mood for love.
  • Take a shower before you crawl into bed. It'll wake you up and make you feel clean, sexy, and in the mood.


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