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Women Prefer Feminine Men

Pros and Cons of Dating Feminine Men

Women prefer men with feminine features, according to a new study. Men with square jaws, larger noses, and smaller eyes — aka masculine features — were seen by female participants as more dominant, less faithful, worse parents, and less warm. On the other hand, men with fuller lips, wide eyes, and thinner, more shapely eyebrows were judged as better long-term partners. But not all women had the same preferences — women from countries with poorer health preferred more masculine men.

While I'm not going to assume that a man's feminine features actually say anything about his worthiness as a partner, I will weigh in on what I believe to be the more superficial pros and cons of dating less-manly men.

Pro: Full lips, defined by the study as a feminine feature, are fun to kiss!
Con: It can be confusing to date someone who's "prettier" than you are.

Pro: You can share a stylist. Remember when Gwen and Brad had matching highlights?
Con: He uses your pricey beauty products instead of his basic Pert Plus.

Pro: He's well-groomed.
Con: You have to draw the line at eyebrow waxing. Taking care of the unibrow is allowed.

Pro: You can eat his fries because he's watching his figure.
Con: You always end up eating his fries.

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Pro: He might be more willing to talk about his feelings.
Con: If you don't want to hurt them, you have to be careful what you say.

Pro: You don't have to worry about him spending hours in the gym lifting weights with his bros.
Con: Let's hope he's at least strong enough to open a stubborn jar when we don't want to.

Pro: He gives attention to his sartorial choices that complement your fashionable look.
Con: Too much high maintenance is a turn off — for a man, or a woman.

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