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Famous Women With Alternative Views on Happily Ever After

Aug 30 2014 - 6:00am

Cameron Diaz [1] turns 42 today, and if there's one thing the birthday lady is known for (besides her sex appeal), it's how outspoken she is about being a proud single woman. And she's in good company. Not all women are committed to the institution of marriage. With career success, friendships, travel, or other hobbies taking priority, many women don't have bridal on the brain. Or, perhaps experience has helped some decide traditional relationships just won't work for them. Famous women often make headlines when they say "I don't" to marriage, kids, or other trappings of a conventional happily ever after. To balance out mainstream marriage mania, here are a few of the more articulate quotes from celebrities with alternative views on relationships.

Cameron Diaz

"I think people get freaked out about getting married and spending 20 or 30 years sleeping with the same person but if that's the case, don't do it. Have someone for five years and another person for another five years."

Cameron Diaz on alternatives to lifelong relationships [2]

Diane Keaton

"I’m attracted to men, and I love playing around with them. But a life shared together? That’s a different world. I think you have to be somebody who can compromise and be realistic. I could never do it. Ever."

Diane Keaton on why marriage wasn't for her [3]

Zooey Deschanel

"My sister [Emily] was always very motherly, babysitting and stuff. I like kids, and I like being around kids — but it was never an ambition, something, like, I need . . . I like working. That's what I like doing."

Zooey Deschanel on her motivations [4]

Susan Sarandon

"I've always liked the idea of choosing to be with somebody. I thought that if you didn't get married you wouldn't take each other for granted as easily."

Susan Sarandon on why she never married Tim Robbins [5]

Juliette Binoche

"It is about feeling that I still have my freedom, that I have choices. I don't look back on the past because I like to live in the present. I know this makes some people think I probably never cared, but I need my freedom and I like to keep moving."

Juliette Binoche on the downside of long-term relationships [6]

Chelsea Handler

"I already have nine nieces and nephews, and I give a lot of myself to them . . . I’ve never been proposed to, and I don’t know that that’s in my future . . . I don’t know that I’m marriage material. I don’t know if I would ever want to be someone’s wife. It makes breaking up much more complicated."

Chelsea Handler on her doubts about marriage [7]

Diane Kruger

"Without sounding pessimistic, I learned that I don’t believe in marriage. I believe in a commitment that you make in your heart. There’s no paper that will make you stay.”

Diane Kruger on what her first marriage taught her [8]

Eva Mendes

"I actually think it's really sexy to be with someone in your fifties and sixties and be like, 'That's my boyfriend.' I think husband and wife is just . . . very unsexy."

Eva Mendes on how marriage is unsexy [9]

Oprah Winfrey

"I used to get that question all the time: Why haven't you married Stedman? Actually, Stedman asked me to marry him, and at first I said 'Yes!' but it turned out that I wanted to be asked to be married more than I wanted to be married."

Oprah on her decision to skip the walk down the aisle [10]

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