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Workin' Not Playin'

Workin' Not Playin'

Dear Sugar
Somebody told my boss that I was going into chat rooms on the internet at work and that I was making rude comments about my clients. My boss asked me if this was true and I told her this allegation was 100% false. I have not ever said anything mean about a client. This hurts me that somebody would say that about me. What do I do now? I love my job and I need to work so how do I handle things from now on? I feel like my integrity is being questioned. Worried about Work

Dear Worried About Work
I suggest that you write your boss an e-mail explaining how you feel. Say that you are sorry it would even cross her mind that you could not be trusted and how concerned you are about this. Explain how seriously you take your job and how this kind of behavior is unlike anything you would ever do. Don't be offensive in the e-mail, but just make it clear to your boss how dedicated you are to your job and that this isn't something you take lightly.

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