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Worst Presents For Women

10 Terrible Gifts From Boyfriends

A pack of pencils, AAA batteries, a tennis racket; bad presents come in all sorts of unfortunately wrapped packages. Earlier this week I asked what the worst present a boyfriend ever gave you was, and you all chimed in with some pretty sad gifts!

Now that the PopSugar Network's annual gift guides are in the holiday spirit, let's take a minute to commiserate over bad presents from holidays past. Maybe we'll clue in a few lost boyfriends in the process!

  • A "vibrating pillow that was supposed to simulate him being in bed breathing beside me since we were in a LDR." — ManiMartinixo
  • "He gave me an apron and some baking utensils. I don't bake." — Yellowshoe
  • "He wouldn't take the day off for my birthday, and fed-exed me ankle weights from his office." — Anonymous
  • "Flares for 'road side emergencies.'" — lickety split
  • "A digital picture frame. He also got one for his mom and sister." — onlysourcherry

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  • "A DVD box set of the TV show The OC. I live in Orange County but I don't watch that show." — Anonymous
  • "A weird, creepy marionette figurine. Eww, it gives me chills just thinking about it." — bluebellknoll
  • "After weeks of hinting at what books I wanted, he went out on Christmas Eve and bought me makeup. They weren't even the right colors." — Anonymous
  • "A compass . . . for Valentine's Day." — Community Assistant
  • "Four years ago my bf at the time bought me as gift the box and a subscription to World of Warcraft so I could play his "undead" girlfriend in virtual world." — KateAthens

Can you outworse them?

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