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Would-be Japanese Space Tourist wants $21M back

Sorry, No Refunds?!

Would-be Japanese Space Tourist wants $21M back

You know how you sometimes buy a $200 pair of shoes, say, and then later regret it? Well, replace "shoes" with "trip to outer space" and $200 with $21 million and you'll understand Japanese millionaire Daisuke Enomoto's position. (As much as you can understand any problems a millionaire would have.) Without getting into the he said/she said details, this "eccentric entrepreneur" paid Virginia-based Space Adventures a buttload of money so that he could dress up as his favorite cartoon character and, through Space Adventure's alliance with the Russian space agency, be the first space tourist to do a spacewalk. He's backed out of the deal because of his kidneys stones (like I said, it's a long story, click here if you're interested for their side of the story), and they're all, fogeddaboutit. Wow. Sucks to be you, Daisuke! Buyer of redonkulously self-indulgent trips to outer space beware!


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