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Would You Confess Your Sins Online?

According to a recent Georgetown University study, priests are seeing a decline in sinners showing up to confess in person. As a result, they are bringing confessional to unlikely places, like shopping malls! Forgive me father, for I have spent $545 on a pair of Marc Jacobs Surrealist Patent Pumps.

Well, apparently the innovation doesn't stop there. E-confessions are becoming a hit on sometimes disturbing anonymous websites. On Camfest you can watch videos of sinners confessing extramarital affairs. On IveScrewedUp a recent post read: "I have killed four people. One of them was a 17 year old boy." Someone's idea of a bad joke, or a desperate attempt to clear the conscience of a criminal?

What do you think? Would you take part in Confession 2.0 and offer up your sins online?


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