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Would You Ever Pay For Sex?

Nevada brothel owner Bobbi Davis has been hit by the recession. Luckily, she has plans to double her market — she's going to hire male prostitutes.

See, some women do pay for sex. A divorced mother-of-four wrote in the London Times a while back that she pays "Justin" $400 an hour for sex (and company), because she'd rather not have the complications of a relationship and doesn't have the time or energy to pursue one-night stands.

In Japan, gigolo services also cater to women; but one company said that while women pay for their flings, they often go sex-free. Apparently cuddles are worth $40 an hour.

If the women do want sex, one bordello owner says the brothel model can never be profitable. To see why, read more.

You might think that since it often takes longer for a woman to get turned on, there'd be more to make; but since there's only so much a woman would pay for the whole experience, there's little profit to be made. The owner said: "Seducing a woman and seducing a man in a brothel environment are different things completely. One can take a few minutes, the other can take hours. It wouldn't make money." In other words, he thinks women want a three course meal with attentive service (and low profit margins).

At a brothel or not, would you pay for sex?


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