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Would You Read Jenny Sanford's Book?

Would You Read Jenny Sanford's Book?

We've already heard disappearing governor Mark Sanford's version of his affair, in the form of a meandering and embarrassing press conference about his soul mate in Argentina. Now it's his soon-to-be ex-wife's turn to share "the private ordeal behind her very public betrayal." In her memoir, Staying True, Jenny Sanford will recall "her shock and anguish upon discovering that her husband was having an affair."

This isn't the first scorned wife of a politician to turn her husband's philandering into a book deal. Elizabeth Edwards is the most recent example, but unlike Elizabeth, Jenny has decided against sticking by her man. Instead she's filed for divorce, a fact that might make her tale a little more compelling. Since the early days of the scandal, when Jenny refused to cover for her husband while he was MIA in Argentina, she's shown an unwillingness to play the typical role of the dutiful political spouse. The book will be released Feb. 5. Will you pick it up?

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