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Would You Return to Your Childhood Vacation Spot

What Do You Think of Returning to a Childhood Vacation Spot?

A friend told me last night that every year of her childhood, her family went to Toronto for vacation. For some reason, Toronto as a vacation spot surprised me, but then she said it was a city where her parents spent a lot of time before they had kids. They loved it and wanted their children to love it, too. "Well do you love it?" I asked, waiting for a no. "I do! I love Toronto."

And with that my entire concept of family vacations changed. Every Summer, except for one crazy one in Niagara Falls, my family went to the same beach in the same town on the same street. And while I have fond memories of my parents letting me eat/drink/have whatever I wanted for that one week, I also remember being restless and bored, wanting to explore while my parents wanted to relax. While I wouldn't turn down a (free) trip back today, I am not nostalgic for those beached days. I'd rather go to a city, like Toronto.

What about you?

Source: Flickr User Madmonk

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