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Dolphin Condom

Dolphin condoms are made by Inspiral and "feature an elegant dolphin shape, tapered base, and a pleasure-enhancing tip." A pack of three costs $3.29.

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Inspiral Condom

This unique Inspiral condom has spring action because of its bulbous curves and spiral shape. When used, the design creates a sliding, frictionless motion around the tip of the condom, which helps increase sensitivity. Buy a 12-pack for $8.99.

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Dual Pleasure

Lifestyles Dual Pleasure condoms (formerly called Xtra Pleasure), offer extra headroom to intensify stimulation for both partners. A 10-pack costs $5.09.

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Pleasure Plus

These Pleasure Plus condoms have a large pouch of extra latex positioned near the head and on the underside of the condom. The loose latex rubs back and forth against the man's business, offering added pleasure! Purchase a 10-pack for $7.99.

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Which shaped condom do you want to try?
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