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Would You Want a Small or Large Wedding?

Would You Want a Small or Large Wedding?

This week we've chatted all about the wedding guest lists — from the VIPs in the wedding party to the distant acquaintances we might reluctantly trim from an overflowing list. When it comes to size, some couples imagine throwing a grand party that everyone's invited to. And in some cultures, the bride and groom don't have much of a choice as their families expect them to invite every extended family member and family friend.

Yet a smaller wedding can mean a smaller bill, fewer headaches, and more time to spend with each guest. Actors Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen enjoyed a tiny wedding last month and wrote absents friends and family this email upon their return: "We did it — we're married! It was the absolute best day of my life and in so many beautiful moments I missed you all so much . . . I thought of you as everything was happening, but Sacha and I wanted no fuss — just us!" Do you like the appeal of a no-fuss small wedding, or would you want as many of your friends and family to celebrate with you as possible?
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