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honey31 honey31 10 years
That is just too creepy!
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 10 years
rubialala rubialala 10 years
This is weird, and forget about the dogs, what about this girl's "muscles?!?"
stone_soup stone_soup 10 years
This is freaky! ____________________________________ Don't tick me off. Or you'll get it.
mkat mkat 10 years
Same question as LaylaCams's popped in my head when I was watching this... This is disturbing...
karmasabitch karmasabitch 10 years
Hahahah he11 no they are not real poodles! :ROTFL: This is just creepy, whoever made this video has serious mental issues.
controlledspin controlledspin 10 years
They are kinda freaking me out.
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
Oh dear God. That's all I have to say. As for the poodles, it looks like short people in cotton poodle suits with real poodle heads superimposed. Scary.
3Sweeties 3Sweeties 10 years
I have been rendered speechless.
flippy flippy 10 years
this upsets me terribly. i don't know why.
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 10 years
Someone sent this in without any explanation (and heaven knows we got a lot of questions!) so I'm just going to have to take a guess. Remember the skiing ostrich? Well, I think both that and this were made by Japanese filmmakers using some special effects. The ostrich and the poodles are real, but some film voodoo went into making them do those crazy things. I don't think an ostrich can ski, much less do mid-air splits, and last time I checked...poodles don't do aerobics. But correct me if I'm wrong:)
Fitness Fitness 10 years
Giggle - I love it. Hilarious. I'm on the floor laughing.
Beaner Beaner 10 years
Yeah, they must be real. Look at their eyes and tongues. But how did the people get them to all look in the same direction? Maybe their heads were super-imposed. I'm totally confused!!!
Beaner Beaner 10 years
Those dog are real, aren't they?
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 10 years
Layla, I caught your comment on rush, and was wondering the same thing?? :? This video is too much!! :ROTFL:
LaylaCams LaylaCams 10 years
This may be a stupid question, but are those real poodles? :rotfl:
atoxicsparkle atoxicsparkle 10 years
:? oh my goodness, this is just...weird!
LaylaCams LaylaCams 10 years
Oh my god, I can't stop laughing.
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
:jawdrop: What the............!?!??!
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