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You Asked: Am I Too Edgy?

Dear Sugar,

I'm your average 22-year-old rocker guy, but when it comes to dating, I seem to be lacking something. I meet my fair share of women and have no problems talking with them casually, but I can't seem to close the deal, so to speak. I've been told by women in the past that I'm too "dangerous" not the "marrying type." I don't think I'm intimidating, so is it my tattoos that are making me unapproachable? I have a steady job, I have a great relationship with my family, and I consider myself to be pretty well-rounded, so what gives? — Totally Baffled Billy

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Dear Totally Baffled Billy,

It sounds to me like you simply haven't met the right woman yet. Sure, tattoos aren't for everyone, but some women find them incredibly sexy! If that's what you really think is giving off the wrong impression, you could just be dating people that are too closed-minded for you. While many women are attracted to safe, conservative men, that type isn't for everyone — I happen to think a little verve is a huge turn-on!

You sound like a decent guy so try not to get too discouraged. Keep putting yourself out there, keep being yourself, and in due time, you'll meet a match that's perfect for you. Good luck!


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