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You Asked: Can I Make Putting on a Condom Sexy?

Dear Sugar,

How do I make putting on a condom sexy? I'd like to actually incorporate the condom into our sex, as opposed to making it a routine stop. Is there a way to make it fun and to not lose the momentum?

— Curious Cami

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Dear Curious Cami,

Losing momentum when putting on a condom is actually a very common problem; fortunately the solution is easy. It's all about experimentation. Remember that you don't have to put the condom on just before penetration; you can put it on in the midst of your foreplay so it's all ready to go when you are. That way the condom becomes part of the fun and not a hurdle to get over that could ruin the moment.

If you're the one putting on the condom, try placing it on with your hands and then rolling it down with your mouth and tongue. Or use one hand to put on the condom while the other strokes your boyfriend or rubs his inner thighs. If your boyfriend is the one putting it on, then use that down time to massage his shoulders or let your hands and tongue help him out by rubbing lube on the condom as he rolls it down. Most importantly, don't be afraid to try new things.


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