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You Asked: Can I Wear a Wedding Gown to Renew My Vows?

Dear Sugar,

My husband is taking me on a cruise in January and we are planning on renewing our vows on ship. We had a very small wedding 32 years ago and I didn't get to wear a wedding gown. I have always dreamed of wearing a glitzy dress but would it be inappropriate for me to do so while we renew our vows? — Over the Top Tammie

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Dear Over the Top Tammie,

First of all, congratulations on 32 years of marriage. You have a reason to celebrate if I've ever heard of one! Since you never got to fulfill your dream of a glamorous wedding dress the first time around, by all means, go for it this time, Tammie!

Renewing your vows is a celebration between you and your husband so you guys get to make up the rules. It is absolutely not inappropriate to wear an elaborate dress even if it's not your first time saying I do, so go make your wedding dress dreams come true and enjoy being a princess for the day. Good luck.


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