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You Asked: He's Well-Endowed and it Hurts!

You Asked: He's Well-Endowed and it Hurts!

Dear Sugar--

Me and my guy finally had sex last night and it was good except for one thing - He is big! I don't know if it's just the kind of thing where is hurts the first time and gets better or is there such thing as just not fitting all together. Can a guy be too big for you? He is not unearthly big but still enough to give me some difficulties. Do you think we can still have a good sexual relationship?

--In Pain Pamela

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Dear In Pain Pamela--

If sex hurts, I'm thinking you need a little more below-the-belt lubrication! You definitely need to make sure that you are giving foreplay a good amount of time, to get your internal juices flowing. If that's not happening, you can use an over the counter lubricant like Astroglide or KY Jelly.

You may also want to take it really slow when you try again next time. Stick to sexual positions that keep you in control of the movements and the depth of penetration. Keep adding lubrication as you need it.

I would also suggest talking to him about this so the next time you guys do the deed, you won't be so nervous, and he can be a little bit more gentle and attentive to your needs. I think you guys can definitely have a great sexual relationship, just as long as you are open and honest with each other. Also, remember that intercourse isn't the only way you can be intimate with someone, so get creative with how you express your love. Hope this helps!


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