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You Asked: How Can I Compliment My Boyfriend?

Dear Sugar,

My boyfriend loves to tell me how sexy, hot, or gorgeous he thinks I am. I love that he loves how I look, but I find it hard to return the compliments. I find him sexy and am very attracted to him (and tell him so), but I would never describe him as "hot." I don't know how to compliment him the way he does me without feeling like I'm lying through my teeth. Do you have any advice? — Shy Sheila

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Dear Shy Sheila,

Complimenting your boyfriend doesn't have to be done in the same manner that he compliments you. As you stated above, it feels good to hear that your significant other finds you attractive, so while you might not think he's the most beautiful man you've ever seen, why not compliment the features or characteristics you do find attractive? Perhaps it's the way he touches you, or the way he looks at you; you could even let him know how amazing it makes you feel when he does x, y, or z or how sexy you find him when he's fresh out of the shower.

At the end of the day, we all like our egos to be stoked from time to time, so remember, extending an accolade doesn't always have to be about appearance. I hope I was of some help!


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