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You Asked: How Can I Make Friends?

Dear Sugar,

I'm about to graduate college, and I've already landed myself a real job that I'm very excited about. Once I'm done with school I'll be moving back in with my parents to save money, pay off student loans, and help my mom care for my father and brother who are both disabled. I'm OK with living at home, but the problem is I feel like I'm starting my social scene over. I'm really concerned about making friends. My coworkers are all older women and I'm not really into the bar scene. I don't want to be sitting at home doing nothing all the time. How can I meet new friends?

— Need Friends Nadia

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Dear Need Friends Nadia,

Struggling to make new friends once college is over is very common, especially when you can't connect with your coworkers. However, you seem to have a positive attitude, which is a great attribute when it comes to meeting new people. You really can meet someone anywhere, but repeat encounters make getting to know each other that much easier. Start by getting involved in some outside-of-work activities like a book club, recreational sports team, or even an animal-rights volunteering group — just find a niche that works for you. Not only will you naturally get to know people, but you'll definitely have a similar interest to talk about.

I think the hardest part of making friends is getting past the awkward moment where you have to ask for their number or see if they'd want to hang out sometime — it's actually very similar to asking someone out on a date! But the sooner you cross that bridge, the faster you can get your friendship going and we can never have too many friends! Don't be afraid to disclose information about yourself — in fact, it's often the personal details that create a real bond between women. If you're open to others, they'll be open to you too, so stay positive!


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