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You Asked: How Can I Make His Hobby Less Painful for Me?

Dear Sugar--

My husband's favorite past time is to listen to live bands and he very much wants my company. I prefer early quite nights while the bands typically start at 10:30PM. How can I make the crowds, noise, and boisterous scene in general more bearable so I can actually spend time with my husband? -- Up for Suggestions Samantha

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Dear Up for Suggestions Samantha --

First of all, I must commend you for asking for suggestions on how to make his hobby more manageable for you rather than finding ways to get out of it. Your husband is very lucky to have such an understanding wife!

To make the late nights less daunting, make a compromise with your hubby -- as we all know, relationships are all about give and take. Grin and bare it every once in a while, but in return, let him know that you want him to spend some nights at home, relaxing with you, doing what you want to do. Perhaps you can do a little research and see if there is a different venue with similar music that has a more desirable show time. A cocktail or two will surely take the edge off and could make the noise a little more manageable -- and who knows, you might even actually enjoy yourself!

Knowing that the loud nights aren't an everyday occurrence will make them much less painful for you, not to mention having something to look forward to when it's your night to make the plans. I hope these tips help!


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