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You Asked: How Can I Make this Work?

Dear Sugar--
I am currently the only one working in my marriage because my husband broke his leg on the job and can't work for the next 4 months, but he still seems to spend way too much money!!

I am struggling with pulling all the weight while he stays at home all day, ordering in food, dirtying up the house, etc. What can he or I do to make sure we have enough money so we can pay our bills for the next three months until he can return to work? --Agitated Angie

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Dear Agitated Angie--

I am sorry your husband is injured and you are feeling the pressure of providing for your family, but making ends meet can be done. For the next few months, you are simply going to have to cut back on all your expenses. Make sure not to leave the lights on, the TV on when you're not watching it, don't use the AC or the heat unless you absolutely have to, etc. Also, your husband has to stop ordering take out food ASAP. That is an unnecessary expense, not to mention the amount of cash he is using to tip the delivery person. If he can't stand up to cook, make sure there are groceries in the fridge for him while you are at work.

Can your husband apply for worker's compensation or unemployment? If you are seriously worried that you can't make ends meet, can you ask your family or a good friend if they would loan you money until your husband gets back on his feet? Could you apply for a second part time job at night? While you might feel the burden of being the head of the house, luckily this is only a temporary situation. I wish you luck Angie.


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