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You Asked: How Do I Move On?

Dear Sugar,

I have a big problem of letting go of my ex. What kills me is after our break up, he has constantly had other girlfriends and I have had no boyfriends. Its not that I don't want to date, I just haven't met anyone I really like which leads me to the hurt and confusion of how quickly and easily he has moved on. It's been about eight months since our break up and when we first separated, it was with the intention of getting back together (he felt that he needed to sow his wild oats before taking the next step with me) but that never happened and I'm clearly still not over him. What do I do? How can I move on like he has? — Still in Love Laura

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Dear Still in Love Laura,

I am sorry you are hurting right now. Everyone's heart heals at a different pace so try not to be so hard on yourself for taking a little bit more time than he has. Sure, your ex has moved on, but since he's had multiple girlfriends in eight months, they are clearly just filling a void. It sounds like you held out hope when you were on your break even though he clearly had no intention of getting back together like he promised so it's time to put this relationship behind you once and for all.

Get yourself out there again, Laura. You don't need to meet Mr. Right, but you do need to get off your couch and start having fun. Go out with your girlfriends, see a movie, go shopping, exercise — do anything to keep your mind off your ex. Unfortunately there's no formula for finding a boyfriend — like E. Jean said, it's just a numbers game so place yourself where there are high numbers of men with similar interests as you, keep an open mind and most importantly, have fun! Good luck to you.


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