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You Asked: How did our Sex go from Bad to Good?

Dear Sugar--
My boyfriend and I were together for 8 months. The sex was not that great, but we still loved each other and enjoyed being together. 3 weeks after we broke up, we started talking again, and one night, we had sex. I am not sure what happened, but it was amazing, mind blowing sex. Why is this so? --Pleasantly Surprised Paulina

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Dear Pleasantly Surprised Paulina--

Well, there could be many reasons why the sex was so great after the breaking up, but the first thing that comes to mind is that you simply missed each other. Since you didn't take that long of a break, you obviously still care for each other and your connection might have been deeper than you first thought.

Since you are technically not together any more, a level of pressure could have been taken off both your shoulders that lent itself to make each of you feel more relaxed and free in the bedroom.

Regardless of the reasoning, did your night together make you want to reconcile with your ex? Sometimes being apart can make a world of difference in a relationship - perhaps in your case distance did in fact make the heart grow fonder! Chalk your experience up to great break up sex and see what happens from here on out!


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