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You Asked: I Called Him the Wrong Name!

Dear Sugar,

I have been talking to this guy for awhile now. We've never been on a date, but I have feelings for him and he has feelings for me. We were out talking one day and I made a mistake and called him someone else's name. The real bad thing about it is, it wasn't the first time I have done this, and this time I called him my ex's name. I don't talk to my ex anymore, and I am completely over him, I just spoke without thinking. After this slip up, he has completely changed and is acting strange towards me. I really like him and I want a future with him. What can I do to get back to the way things were? — Freudian Slip Francine

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Dear Freudian Slip Francine,

Does your new crush know that the name you called him was that of your ex or are you being overly paranoid? Since you haven't been on a date yet, I wouldn't sweat it too much, it's not like you've called your boyfriend the wrong name, but I'm wondering why you keep forgetting it. Is your mind wondering when you're with him or are you simply making honest mistakes?

It's no wonder that he's acting strangely towards you, it can't make him feel very liked by you when you can't get his name straight so you're going to have to figure out a way to move past this awkward phase. Although you feel guilty, I wouldn't bring more attention to the situation than needed. Continue to spend time with him, make sure to get his name straight at all times, and hopefully you can advance your relationship and one day look back and laugh about your Freudian slips. Good luck!


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