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You Asked: I Can't Believe Her Nerve!

You Asked: I Can't Believe Her Nerve!

Dear Sugar,

Over the weekend I met up with an old friend that lives about two hours away from me. When we laid out our plans for the night, she informed me that her new boyfriend was coming along. I really didn't think much of it and was actually excited to meet him. He seemed very nice, sociable, and intelligent, but as the night proceeded, this image changed a lot!

We went to a big festival that takes place in her city every year and things just went downhill from there. They basically ignored me and did their couple thing. They walked about three feet in front of me the whole time, barely even checking to see if I was still behind them. He would whisper in her ear seriously every 10 seconds to the point of nausea. Normally I would be happy for a friend, but they were just so rude and inconsiderate. Needless to say, I jumped in a cab, went back to my car, and drove the two hours home.

To add insult to injury, I haven't heard from her since — no apologies, nothing. I am really hurt and I don't know how to go forward with this. She was a really good friend, but I feel like I don't even know the person who did this. Please help. — Disappointed Dianna

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Dear Disappointed Dianna,

While I understand your frustration with your friend's behavior, just leaving without saying goodbye might not have been the best approach. It's pretty clear that your friend is in her own world right now — sometimes new love can be blinding — so she probably had no idea that you were upset by her actions thus possibly leaving her the angry one.

Now I'm not excusing what they did, but if this relationship is one you feel is worth salvaging, I think you owe it to yourself to call her. Talk to her about how she made you feel and explain why you left. Sometimes biting the bullet and being the bigger person is very much worth it in the long run. Hopefully, once you do your part to make amends, she'll follow suit. Good luck.


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