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You Asked: I Don't Want to Overstay My Welcome

You Asked: I Don't Want to Overstay My Welcome

Dear Sugar,

I recently started dating a guy who I click with and have great chemistry with. I live a ways away from where we usually go out, so I spend the night at his place much more than he does mine, despite the fact that he has two roommates. While I have spent the night at a guy's place before, I've never had to deal with roommates and I'm feeling very uneasy about it. I don't want to leave too much there — they only have one bathroom — but I need to start feeling more comfortable. What do you think are the essentials I should keep there, and how can I get over my fear of overstaying my welcome? — Polite Penelope

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Dear Polite Penelope,

Dealing with roommates is definitely a drag when you want some alone time with your boyfriend, but since this is what you have to work with, it's time to make the best of it. I'm happy to hear that you don't want to move too much into their bathroom, but some essentials I'd recommend keeping there are a toothbrush, a hair brush, deodorant, face wash, and a moisturizer. If you want to leave a pair of sweatpants or something to sleep in, share one of his drawers for the time being and let things progress naturally from there.

In terms of etiquette, I'd say don't take too long in the bathroom, don't make a mess in the common areas, and don't hog the television set. Other than that, if your boyfriend wants you there, you shouldn't fear overstaying your welcome! I hope I was of some help.


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