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You Asked: I Drank Way Too Much and Acted Like a Fool!

Dear Sugar--

Hi - So I met this guy at a place I always go to for lunch. We exchanged numbers and not one Saturday, but TWO Saturdays in a row - I drank way too much and acted like a fool in front of him. I feel that there is no way to go back on this action.

I'm a slight "wild child" but I'm a good girl and have just been having a hard time lately. Now I don't want advice on my drinking - I KNOW I need to lay off - but I do need advice on what to do. I have called him a few times asking him out, to dinner, a hockey game, but he keeps turning me down.

If there is nothing I can do - how can I at least hold my head up with dignity when I go to get lunch? I refuse to find a new place!. PLEASE HELP!

--Love-My-Lunch-Place Linda

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Dear Love-My-Lunch-Place Linda--

I think we can all relate to drinking a little too much in front of a guy we like so don't be too hard on yourself. If you are really concerned about what he is thinking about you, try calling him just to talk (not to invite him out on a date). Let him know how embarrassed you are and you hope he isn't judging you on your past experience.

If getting a little tipsy is a rare occurrence, you should tell him that. Be honest and explain that you'd love to have a second chance to hang out - without the alcohol of course! On the other hand, if drinking every time you go out is what's on your agenda, it may not be what he's into so try to get a good read on him.

If he refuses to talk to you, that is his decision and unfortunately there is nothing more you can do. If you love your lunch place, don't let this incident stop you from going there. Walk with your head held high and if you see him again, just smile and act friendly. Taking the high road will show him that you are mature enough to put the situation behind you and hopefully he can do the same. Good luck Linda!


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