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You Asked: To Move or Not to Move?

Dear Sugar —

I have a huge decision to make. I can make all my dreams come true and move to Hawaii in February, or I can stay in my comfort zone and always wonder "what if?" I have a couple of friends there who are willing to let me stay with them until I get my feet on the ground, but I'm scared to death to move! I have a very stable, well-paying job in New York City and I have all my friends and family here, which includes my seven brothers and sisters. So should I risk everything to take a chance and move? I have this sinking feeling that I'm just going to move back to NYC anyways. Help! — Luau Laurie

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Dear Luau Laurie —

You say it would be a dream come true to move, so I say go for it! Of course, picking up your life and moving it to a new place is scary, but I agree with you — there's nothing worse than always asking yourself "what if" if you decide not to go. It sounds like you have friends in Hawaii, so you wouldn't be lonely, and Laurie, what could be better than living in paradise?! If I were you, I'd write out a pros and cons list, weigh your options, and go for it!

The thing about moving away from all of your friends and family is that they're all going to be there when you come back. NYC isn't going anywhere either. If you have a sneaking suspicion that you're just going to come back, give it a shot for a few months and enjoy it for what's it worth. Of course, leaving a well paying job is harder to swallow, so see if you can take a leave of absence until you're certain about Hawaii. You might also try to sublet your apartment and just pack the necessities.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be terrifying, but at the end of the day, that's what makes you grow as a person. If you decide to take the plunge and you feel like you made a mistake, you can always come back home and at least know that you tried. Good luck!


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