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You Asked: My Boyfriend Has Bad Skin

Dear Sugar,

My boyfriend of almost a year has really bad skin. When I offered him some of my shower gels and face washes during a recent vacation, he took the shower gel insisting that was all he needed. I was shocked to hear this was what he used to clean his face. I left him with a blemish-fighting cleanser, but he didn't bother using it. How can I get him to use acne-fighting products without hurting his feelings or demeaning his masculinity?

— Dropping Hints Danni

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Dear Dropping Hints Danni,

Giving criticism, specifically about someone's appearance, can be nearly impossible to do without hurting feelings. I'm sure you're only trying to help your boyfriend, but it sounds like he's not quite as concerned about his skin as you are, which makes matters more difficult, so make sure to tread lightly.

If I'm incorrect, and this is something that your boyfriend does worry about, then the next time it comes up, mention that using shower gel as a facial cleanser is not a good option for someone with troubled skin. I don't think there's anything wrong with just coming out and giving your opinion as long as you're not being judgmental.

However, if this topic isn't going to come up any time soon and you don't feel comfortable being direct about the issue, go out and get him some nice products — buy new shampoo, shaving cream, a good razor, moisturizer, and face wash. When you give it to him, tell him that you felt like he was depriving himself of a wonderful thing: great beauty products. Now whether or not he decides to change his ways and give the new items a go is completely up to him, but once you've done your part, try to let it go. It is his face after all.


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