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You Asked: My Boyfriend Is Too Affectionate With My Friends

Dear Sugar,

My boyfriend and I have been dating just shy of two years. He is a hugger, he hugs friends and family, and I have no problem with it, it's actually something I love about him, however what I do not like is that once he gets acquainted with my girlfriends, he kisses them on the lips! It makes me incredibly uncomfortable and I'm not sure what to do. Some of my friends don't allow this and will turn their heads so he kisses their check, which makes me feel even more awkward. I did at one time tell him this was not something I felt comfortable with and I hoped that would be that, but that was six months ago! What should I do? — He's Too Affectionate Amanda

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Dear He's Too Affectionate Amanda,

If your boyfriend's actions — no matter what they might be — make you feel uncomfortable, you must tell him to stop. If I were in your shoes, I'd feel incredibly awkward about my boyfriend kissing my friends on the lips too, especially when it's clear that some of them are put off by it. Hugging is a nice gesture, sure, but kissing on the lips as a greeting technique most definitely crosses the line.

While I'm sure he has good intentions, it's high time to be honest with him about the way his kisses make you feel. If he doesn't understand your rationale, ask him how he'd feel if you kissed his guy friends on the lips hello and goodbye — I'm sure that will stop him in his tracks!


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