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You Asked: My Neighbors Are Having Sex and It's Really Loud!

You Asked: My Neighbors Are Having Sex and It's Really Loud!

Dear Sugar,

I just moved into my first condo that I bought myself and I love it, but I'm having a problem with my neighbors. They seriously have sex every single night, so loudly it shakes my walls. They scream out things I shouldn't hear, and the bed creaks rhythmically. It goes on for at least a half an hour a night and it makes me really uncomfortable.

Now, I mean everyone needs to get theirs, but every night? And that loud? I can't just ask them to keep it down, can I? What should I do? I really can't deal anymore.

—Can't Sleep Stella

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Dear Can't Sleep Stella,

I've totally had this problem before too, but it was with a roommate I shared an apartment. I felt as if I had to talk to her abut it since we were friends, but I can guess that you probably don't want the first conversation you have with your new neighbors to be about their outrageous sexual escapades!

If I were you, I'd leave an anonymous note on their door. Make it short and sweet. Say something cute like, "Hi there. I thought you'd want to know that I'm totally jealous that you two are getting busy every night. Hearing you (and I do hear you) just rubs it in my face even more, so could you do this single girl a favor and keep it down? Thanks." That note is sure to get the point across without making them feel attacked or self-conscious. If you don't feel comfortable taking that route, could you call your land lord and have him or her talk to them about it for you? Whatever way you decide to broach the topic, do it sooner than later. You shouldn't feel uncomfortable in your own home. Good luck!


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