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You Asked: My Wedding Day Wasn't Perfect

You Asked: My Wedding Day Wasn't Perfect

Dear Sugar--

I recently got married but I am having trouble getting over a couple of things that didn't happen at our wedding. We got married at a church on a military base. I had wanted so much to have the cross sabers (swords) as we walked out but it didn't happen. The guys that were supposed to do this were called to duty that weekend and they couldn't make it.

As we were about to enter the reception hall for the introduction, our photographer told us there was no DJ! We managed to find someone else and he followed our program but he didn't have a lot of experience. He was OK but I know the music could have been better.

Talking to my mother-in-law after didn't help either. She said if it weren't for her daughter singing, the wedding would have been a failure. Although I know these circumstances were beyond our control, but I feel as though we let our guests down. We didn't tell people what happened but when I heard comments I just swallowed hard. I feel a bit depressed sometimes and I hope this doesn't linger over me for a long time. Any advice?

--Let Down Donna

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Dear Let Down Donna--

I know your wedding day is supposed to be "The Greatest Day of Your Life," but you know what, I'd rather have an amazing marriage over a perfect wedding any day. Try and think about your life with your new husband and how happy you are to have found a loving, caring person to be with for the rest of your life. Your wedding was just a party to celebrate the beautiful connection you've made, so try and think about the deeper meaning.

With that said, I can completely understand why you could be feeling upset about things not turning out the way you had planned. Try looking over your photo album to relive the parts that were great. Have your friends over to reminisce about how funny it was to see your grandma dance with the best man, or how sappy your brother's speech was, and talk to your husband or your girlfriends about how you feel - getting your feelings off your chest is bound to help.

While things weren't necessarily perfect in your eyes, I am sure all your guests had a great time and were honored to be able to witness your happy day. I hope this helps and congrats!


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