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You Asked: Should I Move in With My Boyfriend?

Dear Sugar,

My boyfriend of six months recently asked me to move in with him. We're together every night and he first suggested I move in to his place, but he changed his mind when he found a house he wanted to buy. The deal he proposed was that he'd pay the mortgage and the house would be in his name, and I'd help out with the bills and groceries as best I can (I'm currently trying to pay off my student loans). While living together sounds great, I'm worried that if something should happen down the road, I could end up homeless and left with nothing. Is this a common fear when cohabiting? Do you have any advice? — Decision-Making Time Tanya

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Dear Decision-Making Time Tanya,

Moving in together is a huge step in a relationship, so being 100 percent ready is crucial. With that said, you can never be prepared for the unexpected, and fights and struggles will definitely ensue, so be aware that communication will be key.

Money is obviously a big part of cohabitation, but if you split the mortgage or just pay the bills, you'd still be in the same boat if things were to go south later on down the road — if the house is in his name, you'd be the one to move out. While I'm a big advocate of living together before marriage, doing it prematurely could wreak havoc on an otherwise good relationship. Weigh your options together and if you're willing to take a chance, I say go for — it could end up being the best thing for your relationship. Good luck!


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