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You Asked: Should I See Where This Could Go?

Dear Sugar,

I am writing for some perspective on a recent fling I had. I am studying abroad and we met in Prague. We had a wonderful night of dancing and I ended up back at his hotel. He is Irish and I ended up staying there with his crazy friends for a weekend of fun. He was a perfect gentleman and an awesome lover. The next morning, we all chatted and I felt like I had known them for much longer than just one night. Coincidentally, I had a trip booked to Ireland two weekends later and we had another weekend of great sex and great conversation.

We are now back in our respective cities doing what we were doing before. I have never had an experience like this before and I am not sure if I should let it go and take it for what it was worth, or hold out for what we said when we left — a possibility of a future meeting later on down the road. Any perspective would be much appreciated. — Ireland on my Mind Mindy

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Dear Ireland on my Mind Mindy,

Your trip sounds amazing! It's totally normal to daydream about the possibilities of a relationship with this man, but you need to be realistic here. Is he adamant about staying in Ireland? Do you have commitments in the US? Could you possibly extend your studies abroad?

If I were you, I'd hold onto your amazing memories from the time you spent together but I would also leave the door open to chance — you never know what could happen in the future. Of course, a long distance relationship overseas would be very complicated, but if you're both willing to take one day at a time, the sky's the limit. Good luck!


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