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You Asked: Is It Too Late to Be Friends?

Dear Sugar,

I could really use some advice. I met this cute guy in one of my classes first semester of law school. We hung out for the first time a couple of weeks ago and had sex. We weren't drinking or anything; one thing just lead to the other. When he drove me home the next day, we casually talked about hanging out again, but he's avoided me ever since. I'm not looking for a relationship, but I figured we could talk, be friends, or at least act civil to each other. He's only the second person I've had sex with, so I'm not really sure how to go about something like this. Do you have any advice? — Neglected Nancy

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Dear Neglected Nancy,

Having sex with someone who you're not in a committed relationship with can often complicate things, and it's pretty clear that that's exactly what's happened here. Since you're not looking for anything to come from this, be the bigger person and cut the tension. Try to pick up where you left off before sleeping together without making it awkward or uncomfortable. Once he sees that you're able to be an adult about the situation, hopefully he'll follow suit.

If he decides to take the immature route and continue with the silent treatment, you have two choices. You can call him out on it — ask him why he's being so sheepish around you and ask him to explain himself — or you can simply wait it out. Once his nerves settle down, hopefully he'll be able to realize that you are both adults who made a consensual decision to have sex. If nothing is meant to be out of your one-night stand, everything will work itself out in the wash in due time. Good luck.


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