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You Asked: What Happened to the Honeymoon Period?

Dear Sugar--

Okay. I've never been in a genuine relationship before. I have been with my boyfriend for about 7 months now. We spend time together, we're intimate, and mature. But I have felt that the honeymoon stage of dating is over since I don't feel like he is trying to impress me anymore. Is it wrong to feel that way?

At the beginning of our relationship I went through financial problems and lost my job. He felt like I was shutting him out, but I didn't want him around because I was being negative. So we talked and worked it out. Then, a few months later he started being distant and less motivated. I honestly thought he was cheating and I confronted him, but he wasn't. He was just worried and stressed about things too.

The lease on his apartment is almost up and he wants to move in with me. We live about 20 - 30 min apart right now, and I drive to his place most of the time (which I don't like).

I would love to live with him, but I'm worried that if he moves in, he'll put forth even less effort. I don't want to nag, but I do want to communicate with him. I'm thinking about our future together, and am worried that we'll end up like one of those couples who gets a divorce. Any suggestions?

--Unsure Susie

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Dear Unsure Susie--

What you've come upon in your relationship is actually pretty common. When you're first dating someone, it's so emotional and exciting - you want to spend every minute together. Then your relationship turns into something different because you get comfortable with each other. This doesn't mean anything is wrong in your relationship per se, it just means you both have to put forth a little more effort to keep the fire alive.

Sit down together and talk about how you feel. Be completely honest and tell him about your hesitation of moving in together, that you're worried about this distance you feel in your relationship. Maybe he feels the same way, and then the two of you can come up with some creative ways to rekindle that spark you had in the beginning.

Whatever you do, DON'T let him move in if you are having doubts about your relationship. Living together won't cure your problems so be sure you are on the same page. Good luck Susie!


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