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You Asked: What's in a Name Anyway, Right?

You Asked: What's in a Name Anyway, Right?

Dear Sugar--

I met a great guy. We have been dating for a few weeks now, but there is one problem that may seem petty and ridiculous to some, but it's pretty major to me -- I can't stand his name! I can't bare to say it let alone introduce him to my friends and family. It's a short name so there is no way for me to really call him by a nickname that would make sense to others. Is there anything I can do? I really like this guy and want our relationship to work, but his name just pains me, it's almost like his parents were on drugs when they named him! Help!! -- Flustered Fiona

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Dear Flustered Fiona --

I hate to break it to you Fiona, but if your man's name is the only thing you have to complain about, I think you're in pretty good shape here. Does he like his name or does he know how much you can't stand it? Do you have any pet names for him that are acceptable to use out in public? Obviously you can't introduce him to your family, friends, or co-workers by honey, baby or cupcake, but after you suck it up and get the name off your tongue once, you can reinstate the nickname ASAP!

No one is perfect, so if he treats you well, loves you and if you have fun with him, get over it honey -- he can't have it all! Who knows, with time, you might learn to love how bad his name is, or at least get a good chuckle out of it. Good luck!


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