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You Asked: Where Did This Hatred Come From?

Dear Sugar,

I dated this guy for about six months and we mutually decided to break things off. Before dating, we were amazing friends; we hung out all the time and have always been in the same circle of friends. We agreed to remain good friends after ending it because neither of us wanted to lose the friendship. However, my continuing to hang out in our circle upset him to the point where he deleted/blocked me from MSN, removed pictures of me from his Facebook page, and wrote me an extremely rude email telling me that he no longer wanted to see me. Since receiving his harsh note, I have respected his wishes and we haven't talked or seen each other in two months.

Just today he removed me from his friend status on Facebook without any provocation. Naturally I'm upset by all of this and confused as to what his motives were. Does he hate me? — Aggravated Ashley

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Dear Aggravated Ashley,

Although you guys wanted to remain friends after the breakup, it's pretty clear by his actions that he's not capable of doing so just yet. Perhaps he's more brokenhearted than he's letting on, or maybe he met someone else — we could make assumptions all day long but the only way you'll know what's really going on is if you ask him. He's going to be hard to avoid since you're in the same circle of friends so I'd write him an email asking if you can meet or talk to clear the air. Since you don't know where this behavior is coming from, chances are there's been some sort of misunderstanding, so before this gets too blown out of proportion, nip it in the bud ASAP. I hope you two can talk through everything and figure out if there's a way to at least be civil toward each other until your friendship can mend itself naturally. Good luck.


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