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You Asked: Where Should I Go to the Bathroom?

Dear Sugar,

I have been dating my boyfriend for about six months already, and for those six months, he has basically been homeless. No, no like he's not a bum, but he lives with his single dad in their garage while their house is being constructed.

His dad has gone to great lengths to build the garage himself with bedrooms in the upper floor so they can get by until the house is complete. My problem is that I am over at my boyfriend's "house" a lot and there is only one bathroom, which is right in front of the living area and the rest of their living space. Normally I have no problem going to the bathroom there and running into his dad and random people that are over, but when we have sex, I simply just want to run to the bathroom in his T-shirt or a towel. Now I am either forced to get fully dressed and clean up, or hold it all in which I know is unhealthy. Sometimes I don't want to go through all the trouble to embarrass myself. What should I do? — I Gotta Go Gretta

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Dear I Gotta Go Gretta,

You're right, it is imperative to go to the bathroom after having sex in order to prevent UTIs so let's put our heads together and make this garage living work for you. First of all, do you and your boyfriend have to sleep at his house every night? Can you sleep at your place instead or at least alternate houses so you aren't with his dad all the time?

Since you're living in such close quarters, his father obviously knows you're sleeping there, so why do you feel the need to get completely redressed? Can you keep a bathrobe on the back of his door, or could you throw on a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt so you're more covered up? All three of you are grown adults so try not to get too hung up on the embarrassment factor — just do your business and return to his room if you're still weirded out. Hopefully this construction won't take too much longer and you can have more personal space with your boyfriend. Good luck, and I hope this helps.


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