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You Asked: Why Hasn't He Said I Love You?

You Asked: Why Hasn't He Said I Love You?

Dear Sugar,

Is meeting the parents a big deal? My boyfriend of almost a year recently had his mom visit for two days while she was passing through town. I ended up having dinner with her both nights but he hasn't said I love you yet. He's very close to his mom so should I take that as a good sign? He wouldn't introduce me to his family if he didn't see long-term potential with me, right? If so, why can't he say I love you yet? — Becoming Impatient Brenda

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Dear Becoming Impatient Brenda,

There is no right time to say I love you — it's different for everyone. The same thing goes for meeting the parents. Some guys introduce all their girlfriends to their family while others are more selective. The fact that your boyfriend had you come to dinner with his mom both nights she was in town makes me think he was excited for you two to meet — a good sign — but I can't say if that means he's thinking long term per se.

If you're concerned with how he feels about you, just ask him. We could sit here and make assumptions about what his actions mean until we're blue in the face, but the only way to get straight answers is by talking to him. You've been together a long time so if you're still in the unsure phase, something's got to change. Open the lines of communication and get the answers you need to feel secure in this relationship. Good luck.


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