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You Asked: Why am I So Tired?

Dear Sugar--
I'm beginning to notice that I'm feeling tired all the time. I can never be bothered doing anything. Do I need to eat less or more? Exercise more regularly? I'm not nodding off to sleep like Sleeping Beauty, but I just feel, lazy and lethargic. Thanks for your help! -- Lifeless Leslie

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Dear Lifeless Leslie--

There could be a multitude of reasons why you are feeling lethargic and tired all the time. One main thing that comes to mind is that you are missing something in your diet. You could be deficient in Iron -- one symptom of anemia is weakness and feeling lightheaded. Are you dieting? Eating enough protein? If you aren't giving your body enough fuel to do its job, it's not surprising that you feel so drained of energy.

Are you getting enough sleep at night? If you drink alcohol regularly, you might not be getting as good of a night's sleep as you thought. Alcohol is a major culprit of disrupting sleeping patterns so try to cut it out of your diet for a week and see if that helps. Exercise does rejuvenate you, it gets your blood pumping, so if you're feeling tired, try going for a walk or hitting the gym and see if you get a burst of energy. Are you emotionally struggling right now? Feeling blue can effect your energy level too and make you not want to do much of anything, so talk to a friend, a family member, even a therapist if you have a lot on your mind.

Since I don't know your daily routine or what your eating habits are, it's hard to put my finger on what's causing your exhaustion, so I advise you to see your doctor asap, just to be safe. Good luck!


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