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Are You Doing Anything Special For Earth Day?

It's the 38th annual Earth Day today, a time where you'll hear all kinds of advice for what you should do to keep the planet clean.

But if you're not Al Gore, you already do your part to reduce, reuse and recycle, and you don't feel like getting a whole list of items added to your to dos, how about a list of "to don'ts?" I found a list perfect for those who want to make a difference purely based on what they don't do.

Check out the top five:

  1. Use your leaf blower to dust off the driveway.
  2. Drink FIJI Water . . . unless you actually live in FIJI.
  3. Torch a couple luxury homes in the swank Seattle suburb of Woodinville.
  4. Feed a cow beans.
  5. Make a donation to "Global Warming is Bogus."

But the capper "don't" of the list, the one thing you're not supposed to do?

"Do nothing at all."

What do you think? Are you planning to launch a big eco-project today or do you not see what the big hoopla is, and think every day should be Earth Day? Do you question the whole environmental movement and think green is just the new trend?

We've been looking at environmental issues all month. Check out all of our Daily Planet coverage if you need inspiration.


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