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Are You Sentimental?

Being the sentimental person that I am, I'm a total saver when it comes to anything special. I collect business cards of restaurants I've been to with friends, napkins from weddings, menus from great first dates, and place cards form dinner parties I've attended.
I savor love letters, old photos of my parents when they were my age, and I even have a piece of the ratty, old blanket I used to snuggle with as a child. I have my very first driver's license, my high-school report cards, and a postcard from my third-grade pen pal.

I also have things that don't fit in the scrapbook like my grandmother's engagement ring, the first hat I ever knit, shells from the beach, and a mix tape my first boyfriend ever made. All these things help to tell stories and spark old memories I want to hold onto forever.

So I was wondering if you were sentimental, too? If so, what kinds of things have you held onto?


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