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Is YouTube Out of Control? Should We Just Hit Pause?

Two Arizona teens have been critically injured as a result of a catastrophic car accident while filming what was intended to be a car stunt for the YouTube video-sharing website. The 16-year-old driver of the car remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The teens were trying to capture a video of the car with all four wheels off the ground. They failed to get any of the incident on tape before the crash.

This incident is the latest in a string of more-shocking-than-the-last calamities befalling "film" makers angling to get their 15 minutes of YouTube fame. Is this growing trend a signal that the anything-goes culture of "Broadcast[ing] Yourself" needs some rules?

The latest Arizona stunt follows the savage 30-minute beating doled out to a Florida cheerleader two weeks ago that went on to become one of the most-watched clips on As a result of the straight-to-video stunt, the teen suffered a concussion, bruising, and damage to her left eye and ear. The girl has just spoken out for the first time since the incident. To see what she said, and to see the story behind the woman in the clip above,


In her first interview since the incident, Lindsay says, "Your No. 1 friend is your family. Don't trust anybody." A sad lesson to learn for the sake of a video clip.

But it's not just stunts and attacks making it to the Tube. The woman in the clip above is Tricia Walsh Smith, who is currently being divorced by Philip Smith. Tricia put a retaliation video on YouTube airing her husband's dirty laundry by announcing that they never had sex and that she found his stash of Viagra, porn, and condoms.

Given these stories, do you think the forum has been pushed too far? How did we move from posting silly videos of our cats sleeping, to all out assaults? Is this a sign that we can't handle this kind of unregulated freedom of expression, or are these incidents just isolated bad apples? Do you YouTube? Are you in favor of a few rules?

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