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Young Muslim Makes Video to Show All Religions Can be "Evil"

Young Muslim Makes Video to Show All Religions Can be "Evil"

Remember the anti-Islam video "Fitna" put out by a Dutch politician last month? Well a young Saudi businessman has decided to give Christianity the same treatment. Raed al-Saeed's increasingly popular video "Schism," mashes images of aggressive behavior by Christians with aggressive Bible-verses.

Unlike the Dutch video of violence by Muslims played to verses of the Koran, the Biblical version is not motivated by a desire to stop the spread of a religion. Instead, al-Saeed wanted to show that any religion, including Christianity, can easily be cast in an "evil" light. He told NPR that "It's not the right way to judge a religion by a video made by a guy who hated that religion."

To find out what images made the Christian version,


Images of western soldiers in Iraq beating up alleged insurgents, a CNN broadcast of 2003's "Shock and Awe" bombing of Baghdad, terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland, fill the screen while violent biblical quotes — such as those from the Book of Samuel, urging killing mean, women, children, cattle — flash across the screen.

When the greater population is unfamiliar with a religion, which is often the case in the West with Islam, are violence characterizations more powerful? Will challenging videos, like al-Saeed's "Schism," help break down the us vs. them, good vs. evil narrative that exists between Christians and Muslims?


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