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#aGoodBoyfriend Qualities on Twitter

What Makes #aGoodBoyfriend?

If you're wondering what makes a good boyfriend, look no further than one of the top Twitter hashtags today: #agoodboyfriend. We were curious about what the Twitter community had to say about the best qualities of a BF, and the tweets ran the gamut from sweet to hilarious. But one thing's for sure, grand gestures aren't always necessary; it's all about the little things that make a good boyfriend (like surprising you with a huge bag of Twizzlers!). See a smattering of our favorite responses below:

  • #agoodboyfriend will be there in the good and bad times — @YourCutieee
  • #agoodboyfriend does something really sweet for you randomly. — @JessOliiveiraa
  • #agoodboyfriend is someone who admits he's wrong when he makes a mistake. — @AHchooBLESSyou
  • #agoodboyfriend won't change you. — @Luissasays
  • #agoodboyfriend tells you your pretty even on the days when your looking like sh*t — @michellearthurv
  • #agoodboyfriend doesn't get jealous when you start talking about about making out with Robert Pattinson — @Alissa_Larson
  • #agoodboyfriend would go to the store and buy u tampons witout b*tching — @nanagetsitin
  • #agoodboyfriend always knows when theres something wrong — @iBeatUpSlumpPPl
  • #AGoodBoyfriend would make me forget that I was having a bad day! — @_Soft_Lips

Do you have any to add?

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