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Quirky Shoes For the Bride

These funky, red-heart-adorned pumps by Vivienne Westwood couldn't be more aptly suited for the February holiday.

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Dessert Table Marquee

Love the rustic look of this heart marquee over the dessert table. It's especially stunning at night!

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Bridesmaid Heart Balloons

Instead of bouquets, have your bridesmaids walk down the aisle with heart balloons.

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Heartfelt Vows

How sweet is it to have your vows written on paper hearts?

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Heart Sunnies

Keep the bridal party cool with heart-shaped sunglasses.

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Origami Heart Escort Cards

Learn how to make these DIY origami heart escort cards for a fun seating chart twist.

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Striped Heart Piñata

Not only is a huge heart piñata a great photo op, it's a fun activity for your guests, young and old.

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Heart Drink Labels

Affix some adhesive chalkboard hearts to mason jars for helping guests keep their drinks straight and find their tables. It's like triple-duty drinking!

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Your Something Blue

Have a little blue heart with you and your beloved's initials on it sewn in a secret spot on your dress.

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Secret Heart Cake

This is such a cute idea! Have secrets about the couple folded into little paper hearts in the cake, so as guests eat they learn more about the newlyweds.

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Ceremony Props

A huge heart makes the perfect backdrop for "I dos," and stuffed hearts flanking the aisle add even more whimsical panache.

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Save-the-Date Details

For added flair with your save-the-date cards, fill clear envelopes with heart confetti and a heart sticker for people to mark the date on their calendars.

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Photo-Booth Props

Photo booths are a huge wedding trend, but make yours special with some handmade heart-shaped pillow props!

Source: Smilebooth
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Straw Flair

Sweet, little, glittery hearts add sparkle to reception straws.

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Lit-Up Ceremony Heart

A handcrafted lit-up heart makes a romantic statement during the "I dos."

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Ombre Heart-Topped Cake

The ombre colors and heart topper give a traditional cake style some modern flair.

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Heart Garland

DIY heart-shaped paper garlands bring you back to the days of sweet, handmade Valentines. They also make perfect budget-friendly decorations.

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Rope Decor

Subtle rope hearts take center stage above the altar.

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Rustic Signage

Cute meets rustic with heart-adorned, hand-painted, wooden signage.

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Sequin Heart Boutonnieres

Swap out boring boutonnieres on your groomsmen with sequin hearts.

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Heart Balloons For Everyone

Red heart balloons not only make for a wedding photo prop, they also look great in videos like this one when everyone lets them loose at the reception.

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Drink Decor

Label your beverages with red paper hearts for a whimsical way to guide your guests.

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Magnetic Favors

See how I made these DIY heart magnets for my wedding seating assignments. They also doubled as favors!

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The Love Story in Hearts

Not only do these giant sticker hearts direct the guests and provide seating, they tell the couple's love story along the way!

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Heart Flags

Hand out heart flags for your guests to wave as you return down the aisle.

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Heart Cookie Favors

Heart cookies give the guests an extraspecial sweet treat.

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Heart-Filled Ceiling Decor

Fill the space above your guests with hearts!

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Stained-Glass Ceremony Heart

A stained-glass-inspired heart makes a stunning ceremony piece.

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Ring Pillow

This natural-looking ring pillow is a heart in disguise.

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Hearty Footwear

Hearts on the bridal shoes is one thing, but get your groom in on the fun with heart socks for him.

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Doughnut Doilies

Doughnuts get a romantic touch with delicate doily hearts.

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Rose Petal Ceremony Hearts

Jazz up the ceremony aisle by forming hearts from rose petals.

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Glitter Cake Toppers

Make your wedding sparkly with these easy-to-make heart cake topper.

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Heart Sparklers

Hearts give regular sparklers added cute factor.

Photo by Paper Heart Photography via Wedding Chicks

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Soda Favor Tags

Punch a hole in paper hearts to string on a thank-you message to your favors.

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Heart-Shaped Hand Pies

Sweeten up dessert with heart-shaped mini pies.

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Table Menus

With its mix of geometric shapes and watercolor design, these heart menus are modern and beautiful.

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Cheese Labels

Cheese is awesome enough, but add heart labels and it's even cheddar!

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Floral Dessert Design

Get creative with your floral design by making a heart shape above the dessert table.

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Mustached Heart Boutonniere

For the debonair groom with a bit of a quirky side.

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Seating Chart Heart

Create a string-filled heart to hold all the seating cards.

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Ceremony Chair Hearts

Swap out traditional flowers for cute stuffed hearts along the ceremony aisle.

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Napkin-Ring Hearts

Little wooden hearts dress up casual napkins.

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Cupcake Heart Toppers

Teeny tiny hearts keep cupcakes sweet and simple.

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Valentine-Themed Invites

Having your nuptials on Valentine's Day makes your invitation theme easy. You can mix up the modern and vintage like this invite, or get reminiscent with antique-style Valentines.

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Confetti Love

Whether it's for an engagement shoot or to toss at the newlyweds during their postwedding exit, heart confetti is a little detail that packs a punch.

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Vintage Valentines For Dessert Flair

Color-copy vintage valentines to add a touch of retro romance to the dessert table.

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Matchbox Favors

Personalized "love" matchboxes are inexpensive, cute, and practical — the ultimate wedding-favor trifecta.

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A Big, Inflatable Heart

A huge, inflatable, red heart says you know it's a kitschy holiday, but you're embracing it in all its glory.

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Reception Wall Art

A massive, shimmering gold heart on its own is festive and fun without being too prom-y.

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