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A Walk to Beautiful

A Walk to Beautiful follows the struggles of five women in Ethiopia suffering from devastating childbirth injuries. After they're rejected by their families and communities, all of these women journey to a special hospital in Addis Ababa where they attempt to transform their lives.

Why We Love It: Talk about putting things in perspective. I've never seen so much hope, faith, and courage in one doc.

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Crazy Sexy Cancer

I adored Kris Carr before I saw her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer, and after seeing it, I respect her tenacity and strength tenfold. Kris was diagnosed with a form of cancer so rare that all of the treatment is experimental. In spite of the people who said she had 100 percent fatality, she chose vegetables, herbs, and yoga over traditional chemotherapy and radiation.

Why We Love It: What an inspiration! Kris is one of a kind. She is an exemplary role model for those who want to explore alternative healing processes and take care of their disease instead of the symptoms.

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Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

You may love Joan Rivers or you may not, but she's paved the way for comediennes. The award-winning documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work chronicles her life and career.

Why We Love It: If nothing else, getting this close of a look at her life makes you truly respect her astounding work ethic.

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The Beaches of Agnès

The Beaches of Agnès examines the life of Agnès Varda, one of the most prominent pioneers of French New Wave film; it just so happens that this pioneer is a woman.

Why We Love It: Agnès is not only an iconic filmmaker, she was also a proponent of feminism and a social commentator. Plus, she's perhaps the most adorable 80-year-old woman (now 86) on the planet.

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Public Speaking

As a writer, lifetime New Yorker Fran Lebowitz had early success with her two books Metropolitan Life and Social Studies, but since then, her career has been mostly based on Public Speaking engagements.

Why We Love It: The movie itself is fun to watch — after all, it is directed by the one and only Martin Scorsese — but Fran is completely brilliant and makes you laugh out loud. I am beyond inspired to read her work now.

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Beyond Belief

In Beyond Belief, we meet two seemingly ordinary soccer moms grieving the loss of their husbands in the turmoil post 9/11. Instead of turning to hatred, they choose to channel their grief into service by helping women in Afghanistan who have experienced similar circumstances of violent loss.

Why We Love It: Not only is it genuinely inspirational, but it also makes you think twice before you choose hate over love. Quite a remarkable lesson.

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Double Dare

The documentary Double Dare examines the lives of two well-known, and equally badass, stunt doubles who have made a name for themselves as women in the stunt world.

Why We Love It: Jeannie Epper and Zoë Bell infiltrated a very macho-man world at very different times, but they both do it oh so well.

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The September Issue

Anna Wintour's career is a testament to the ability of powerful women. You can't be everyone's best friend in business, and sometimes you can't always play nice. Coined the real-life Devil Wears Prada, the Vogue editor in chief is followed by a crew of cameras in The September Issue.

Why We Love It: She's a no-nonsense, tough cookie who takes no excuses, but you also get a chance to see the softer side of Anna in this film.

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!Women Art Revolution

This awesome film examines how the feminist art movement has transformed contemporary art and culture. !Women Art Revolution is a must-see doc.

Why We Love It: You may or may not know about the likes of Cindy Sherman, Miriam Schapiro, or Rachel Rosenthal, but watching this doc gives you a firsthand look at the incredible and talented women who shook things up and made change possible for female artists everywhere.

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Gloria: In Her Own Words

In the appropriately titled HBO doc Gloria: In Her Own Words, we get to see Gloria Steinem discuss her high-profile involvement in the second wave of feminism during the '70s.

Why We Love It: While some people have preconceived notions about what a feminist is "supposed" to look or act like, not only is Gloria a complete fox at 77, but she is unbelievably modest, finding it awkward to talk about her accomplishments.

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